Thai NannyNanny Tips & Hints

Thai ladies are naturally very shy and gentle. Please be sure to offer them food and water as they would never think to ask you for it.

In Thailand, the nanny job is a very prestigious one and they are very proud of their work, so please always be polite to them otherwise they might leave the job.

It is not appropriate for a male to touch a Thai lady however they are slowly getting used to shaking hands.  Men, please don’t go in for a big hug at the end of the job, this is very embarrassing for them!

Be aware that there are major cultural differences in how to take care of your child.  If you take the time to explain these clearly at the beginning you will enjoy your holiday so much more.

 If it is raining the nanny may be late for work.  This is because the nannies all use motorbikes as their mode of transport.  For safety reasons we do not allow them to ride to work in heavy rain.

 If you like, you can surprise your nanny by buying a soft drink or a small present for her.  She will really appreciate that!  It is common to tip a nanny if you feel that they have done a good job.  The average tip is between 1,000 – 3,000 BHT.

Smile at a Thai lady and she will smile back.....Have a great time!!!!


Thailand hints

Thailand has a wonderful reputation for Thai Nanny with Family their warmth and friendliness towards families on holiday, so wherever you go, your child will be well looked after and adored.

Below we provide a few basic dos and dont's that will help to understand Thai customs and ensure your will have a pleasant and unforgettable stay in Thailand.

Do exercise patience and tolerance, particularly when it comes to ordering food and waiting for change.  Thais just do things the slow, easy way.  It's their way of life!

Do note that proper clothing is a must in the vicinity of any temple including its compound. The shoulders and knees must be covered, so no tops, sleeveless shirts, shorts and short skirts

Do remove footwear before entering main areas but also in many smaller shops.  You will see the shoes of others standing outside already so you will easily recognise these places.

Don't place your feet (with or without shoes) so that they point towards a person, religious image or a picture of the Royal Family.  It is best to keep both feet on the ground.  To the Thai, the feet are the lowest and dirtiest part of the body and is disrespectful to point with them.

In restaurants, it is nice to leave a tip.  100 baht is plenty. Don't forget to barter when buying merchandise.  An average 50% off the price is what you should aim for so start with, so you can bid your way up.

Do use sun protection at all times!  Even in the shade or on a cloudy day the sun is very strong.  Protect your children with a sun hat or cap and a long-sleeved tee shirt.