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Nanny Service Koh Samui sources only the very best staff from all around Thailand. The nannies come from either a teaching, medical or childcare background. Each nanny is then trained by our company in our services and in the standard that we expect each of our customers to receive. Once you book through us you will see exactly how passionate we are about providing exceptional child minding services to families such as yours. Our staff genuinely love their nanny job and work hard at making sure that your child is always being given the very best of care. “Such genuine affection for our children. Extremely hard working, creative and attentive. Making it a joy for us to leave our kids with them and head off to do adult holiday enjoyment.”. Steve H Our nannies are by far the most superior childcare minders on the island and this is why our business is considered to be the most reputable on the island.
All our nannies are fully trained in Advanced First Aid and CPR certified by Bangkok Hospital for your peace of mind. If you are considering a “copy” agency then note that their staff are neither trained nor certified in the case of an emergency. We strongly urge you to book through our business as all of our staff are highly experienced in childcare and all of our staff are properly qualified in First Aid and CPR which means that you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that they are being looked after by professionals at all times. “Our agency is able to connect you with previous customers from your home country if you would like a verbal reference as well as our facebook and website written ones.” Owner – Fiona Hayes, Nanny Service Koh Samui Booking through our company means that you will always have the very best care for your child looked after by an appropriately experienced and certified nanny at all times.
Nanny Service Koh Samui only hires and trains the very best nannies. We also have a very strong employment ethics that our business offer the staff when hiring the nannies. Our nannies are paid well. They are given adequate time to rest between assignment. All overtime is paid directly to the nanny as is any fuel allowance that may be necessary to get to long distance jobs. We ask that you make sure the nanny has a meal in every 8 hour shift and we also insist that you offer her access to fresh drinking water during her assignment. Unlike other copy agencies we don’t charge her to work for us. We don’t take high commissions, we don’t use illegal workers and we most certainly do not use house cleaners. All of our nannies are highly trained and experienced child minders. They are the very best on the island. Book our nanny and ask her what she thinks of us as a company and how we support her, her family and the local Thai community and you will see exactly how dedicated our company is in supporting her.
On Koh Samui, 10 years ago when the idea of the business was first born, we made a commitment to our Thai management team and staff that they would always be treated equally and with respect. Our nannies are paid very well. They are also assigned job hours that will keep them fresh and relaxed for their next job with their next family. As such they provide a very high level of service that is well beyond your expectations for your family and your childcare needs. We care about the Thai community including our nannies and their families and we will continue to support them both financially and with great work conditions. Please book your highly skilled nanny here: and support the local Thai people with fair work conditions on Koh Samui.
Just like handbags, on Koh Samui there are now cheaper “copy” “nanny” companies. Their Thai people are often a house cleaner in a nanny uniform. They are also underpaid whilst they attempt to undercut the market prices. Some of the Thai women are expected to pay up front to work in these companies. Always check if the other companies have the correct Thai company registration, Visa and Work Permits. You must make sure that they are not using Burmese workers as this is illegal. Even more importantly is that the “nannies” most certainly will not hold their First Aid or CPR certificates, they won’t be from a suitable background and most certainly you will be sent a house cleaner to look after your child. We feel very strongly about this. We see parents who have hired through a copy agency and we know that they only have a house cleaner with no experience looking after the children. This makes us very uncomfortable and we feel that it is necessary to let other parents know that this is happening for the safety of the children.



Don't drink water from the tap but use treated bottled water. The ice cubes on Koh Samui are safe! They all come from the ice factory and are made from treated water.
All of the Nannies speak English; please however speak slowly and clearly and check understanding. Please note although that the nanny might not talk much at first as they can be very shy. All the nannies become less reserved and feel more confident speaking English as they get to know you. As with any language they can understand a lot of what is being said but in Thai culture it’s very embarrassing to say something the wrong way around so they do more listening than speaking. Some nannies will be happy to have a chat with you about the weather and what you’re going to be doing today. They will all spend time asking about your children… they adore them.
Nannies are employed to take care of the children and are not expected to also perform the duties of a maid or housekeeper however they will perform light household duties related to the care of the children such as washing bottles and keeping the children’s toys and clothes tidy.
Yes – if you’re happy to as it is common to tip Nannies for good service. There is no set amount however 1,000-2,000 THB is common.
Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand. Nowadays you can buy nearly all the products that you are used to, although it might be a different brand. The level of Health Care is very high so there is no need to worry when it comes to medical attention.
The Nanny can come to your resort or villa and take care of your children there. Alternately they can accompany you anywhere around the island.
We do care for children with a variety of special needs from food allergies to physical and mental needs. Just let us know when you are booking and we will ensure that the Nanny is fully briefed regarding your child and what is required to look after them safely.
For health and safety reasons, our Nannies look after a maximum of two children at any one time.
The Nannies are very flexible and will start work from 06.00 am. They are used to working until late in the evening to midnight and beyond however for very late finishes, this would depend on where the job is located and how remote the roads are, as we do want to ensure the safety of our Nannies travelling to and from jobs. If you require you nanny to work over her paid 8 hours a day then please pay her 200 baht overtime per hour after this.
The Nanny will travel around the island with you. Just tell her where to meet you and at what time, or she can travel with you on day trips and excursions. If you would like her to leave the island please let us know in advance. Trips to Koh Pang Yang are popular as is Koh Tao.
The Nanny can take a break, eat lunch or alternatively she will do some light housework, washing bottles or organising baby’s clothes.
We take care of newborns upwards. We have some lovely nannies who are particularly good with the young babies. Please book early.
If you book your dates in advance you will get the same, Nanny. If you are requiring a nanny maybe 3 days a week this may not be possible as they may be booked out in full-time roles. However, we always endeavour to keep the same nanny with the same family for the duration of their stay.
The Nannies are very flexible. Just let your Nanny know at what time you’d like her to start the following day.
Most of our Nannies can swim. Please advise if you would like your Nanny to swim with the children.
The Company was established in Koh Samui in 2008.
We work closely with a team of loyal and trustworthy Nannies, many of whom have been employed by us for several years. We do expand our team seasonally, however as parents ourselves we ensure that all of our Nannies are experienced and meet our high standards.
Payment is due in full when you book and we accept THB only.
We payments are to be made by cash (THB only).
It is a good idea to inform that hotel or villa that you will be having a Nanny during your stay. All of our Nannies carry Thai ID cards with them at all times and our policy is for our Nannies to register at reception prior to starting work. The majority of resorts have had our nannies working on site previously.
Each of our Nannies is experienced in working with a range of expat families, most of them are mothers themselves and they come from a variety of backgrounds, including healthcare, hospitality and education. The information provided on your booking form assists us in matching a suitable Nanny to your family.
Most of our Nannies have children of their own.
Most of our Nannies have been employed by us for more than two years and some for longer than this. We also have some excellent newer Nannies who come from related backgrounds.
Most of our Nannies come from the mainland and have migrated to Koh Samui for employment. Many of our Nannies have previously worked in hospitality, education and healthcare and all of them have extensive childcare experience working for a wide variety of expat families. Some have even travelled and worked overseas as Au Pairs
Overtime can be agreed direct with the Nanny and payment made direct to her as worked. The overtime rate is 200 THB per hour, payable after 8 hours of service in any one day.
The nannies generally have one day off per week and this can be organised directly with the Nanny to suit your holiday plans.
Once booked, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking, payment and information needed for our first-day meeting.
The Company is Thai Registered Limited Company.
The minimum length of a shift is four continuous hours.
Our business is geared towards clients on vacation and as such, we do not supply permanent Nannies. We can however, offer cover whilst you arrange you own permanent Nanny.
It usually takes a couple of days for families to settle with a new Nanny. On the rare occasion that you feel the Nanny is not a good match for your family, we will replace her with an alternative nanny. If you’re still not happy then we will refund you any unused time that you have paid for and you.
It is not unusual for families and the nanny to form a bond. If you approach a nanny directly, we will not be able to service your future nanny needs. Such an external arrangement is seen as a breach of trust and the nanny will no longer be able to be employed by us.
All of our nannies are Advanced First Aid and CPR certified by Bangkok Hospital for your complete peace of mind.