How it Works

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Book Early

It is very important that during peak times you book early. Our nannies book out very quickly so don’t forget to make your reservation well in advance so that you don’t miss out on your own personal nanny. If you book early this will ensure that not only do you secure a nanny but that you have the same nanny for the duration of your stay whilst you enjoy your holiday on Koh Samui.

How to Book

Our online booking form (insert link) provides us with all the information our management team needs to match the very best nanny available to your family, depending on your child’s personality, age and of course any special needs. You will receive a booking confirmation email and the details of our first day meeting within this email once payment has been made.

Number of Children

Nanny Service Koh Samui nannies provide a safe and secure child care service for up to 2 children per nanny. This is to ensure the safety of your children. If you have any further children over the age of 14 then please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Where we Meet

Your online booking form will confirm when and where to meet you on the first day. Your personal nanny can meet you at the airport when you arrive, or at your hotel / villa. Just let us know the time and location and we will be there ready to help. Our Nannies are easily recognisable by their uniforms.

The First Day

Once you have secured your personal nanny for your holiday you will need to ensure that you explain your child’s eating and sleeping habits to the nanny on the first day, so that both you and your child/children are 100% comfortable with the nanny.

What we Cover

What area the child is allowed to play in and what they really enjoy doing for fun. What time and what they like to eat and anything they can’t eat (especially foods that they may have allergies to). Sleep times and the best way to settle your child. Special “talents” that the nanny should be aware off, such as climbing high or dangerous balconies, putting small objects in their mouth or maybe constantly making a mad dash for the pool. You know your child, so please let her know what to look out for.

Hours of Work

After the first day it’s totally up to you what hours you would like your nanny to work and where to meet you each day. Just remember it’s an 8 hour shift with a meal break or the nanny included. Just let her know when she is finishing each shift where and when she is to meet you tomorrow. The nannies are super flexible and absolutely committed to making sure you have a great time on your holiday so just discuss what times suit you best for each day.


If you would like her to work past the 8 hours then that’s fine by her all you have to do is pay her 200 baht per hour for each hour (or part of an hour) that she works past her 8 hour shift. The nannies are more than happy to be flexible about the extra hours as they like the extra income. It also means that should you wish to stay out longer you don’t need to rush home from dinner or the clubs should you wish.

Days Off

If it’s a weekly or monthly booking then the nanny has 1 day off a week. The nannies are flexible as to which day this will be and it’s up to you and the nanny to decide what suits you both.

Meal Breaks

All nannies working an 8 hour shift must have a meal break each day they work. There are a couple of choices for you and its best to discuss this personally with you nanny as to what you both prefer. Some suggested options are: Restaurant or Room service, family meal together, give her 100 baht and she will buy something locally from the market. Most nannies prefer to provide their own food.


It’s really hot in Thailand! Please provide unlimited fresh drinking water for your nanny and your child. The nannies always keep the children within arms distance which can mean a lot of running and are often out on the hot beach with the kids during the day. It is very important that you don’t forget to organise her water supply as she will be too shy to ask for it.

Keep in Contact

We recommend that you obtain a Thai SIM card (available at 7/11). You can then swap numbers with the Nanny and contact her if you need to when you are out. The Nanny can also check in with you and/or contact you also. Alternately some of the nannies exchange their details on various apps and keep in contact that way.

Your Holiday

The nanny is happy to travel with you around the island and will often know of some local spots for you to discover. Sit back and relax while your very own personal nanny takes care of all your child/children’s needs on your holiday whether you are travelling around or by the pool at the villa /Hotel. If you would like the nanny to travel to neighbouring island such as Koh Tao or Koh Pang yang then usually she is able to do this – you’ll just need to pay all expenses for her off the island.


All of our nannies have a direct line in their phones to the Bangkok hospital, located in Chaweng. The Bangkok hospital has excellent paediatric doctors working within their children’s department who are completely up to date in all western medications and speak perfect English. Their reputation for child care is exceptional and should any of your family require medical attention whilst on the island we highly recommend that you only use this hospital.

Your Nanny

In Thailand a nanny position is a very prestigious one and our nannies take great pride in their work. There are a few differences in our cultures and there may be some confusions at time (not often) if you get frustrated or angry at the nanny she will leave the job. So please always treat them with respect and consideration. Also, males just be aware that it’s not appropriate for a male to hug them unless they are married…so when you go to leave give them a tip instead.

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